Publication in the RSCI

Publication in the RSCI

In addition to such major scientometric databases as Scopus, Web of Science (Wos) and the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC), there is another large resource for the search and citation of scientific materials, such as RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index).

RSCI is a bibliographic platform, one of the best databases in the CIS, which was created in 2006. It contains research data, articles, training and teaching aids, monographs, conference reports, dissertations and patents. All materials in this database were written by authors from all over Russia, and the total number of studies exceeds 9 million. On this service all links to publications of scientists are kept. The RSCI indexes most publications that are submitted for review. More than 3800 journals and more than 22 million articles are in the access of this scientometric database.

The main goal of this scientific search engine is to provide authors with the most relevant reference and bibliographic data. Recently, the RSCI has been evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the work of researchers and scientific organizations. This platform helps to evaluate the level of scientific publications. Using this resource, you can find citation indicators that are taken into account in the rating of a scientist.

After publication, your work receives a certain rating, and you receive recognition among scientists. Your material is guaranteed to be appreciated by specialists in the field in which you work.

Recently, the RSCI has introduced very strict requirements for registration of work. If they are not followed, the study will be rejected without the possibility of subsequently re-submitting it for review. To successfully review the article, we provide services for checking the text for uniqueness / plagiarism, editing and publication design. We help to select a magazine and, up to its publication, we fully accompany the work. Each research of a scientific, practical, problematic or innovative nature is important for the development of modern science. Articles published in RSCI journals are an invaluable contribution and assistance to other scientists in their work.


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